Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

Patience, load needs time.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Art : Igor Mitoraj

"In precisely the same way, you are both what you do and what happens to you.
You have a little game in which you play that you are not responsible
for what happens to you, you are only responsible for what you do.
This illusion allows you to compete with the two sides of yourself.
It is like getting two knitting pins, one in each hand,
and having a fencing match with yourself.
If you sincerely try to stick one hand with the other, the first
hand must really try to stick the other, just to defend itself.
You will come to a sort of standstill, unless you decide
that your right hand is the one that is going to win,
and then you have broken the rules of the game,
which is what we do all the time."

- Alan Watts

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