Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

Patience, load needs time.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Coming home

When we look at all the suffering around us, at poverty, violence, or climate change, we may want to solve these things immediately.
We want to do something.
But to do something effectively and ethically, we need to be our best selves in order to be able to handle the suffering.

Being able to stop, to breathe, and to walk or move in mindfulness are the keys to the practice.
They can be done anywhere, at any time. We can say: Breathing in, I know this is my in-breath. Breathing out, I know this is my out-breath.

It’s very simple but very effective.
When we bring our attention to our in-breath and our out-breath, we stop thinking of the past, we stop thinking of the future, and we begin to come home to ourselves.
Coming home to ourselves is the first thing we need to do, even for politicians, scientists, or economists.
Don’t think this practice doesn’t apply to you.
If we don’t go home to ourselves, we can’t be at our best and serve the world in the best way.
We have to be ourselves to be our best. Our quality of being is the foundation for the quality of our actions.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, in "Creating an Enlightened Society".

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