Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

Nada Brahma Sound Is Divine

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Giving Up Everything

Miranda Meeks

"The best way to look at suffering is with gratitude,
that it is happening in order to teach us some very important lesson.

It is useless to want suffering to go away.

It is impermanence, it will go away anyway,
but if we don’t learn the lesson that it is trying to teach us,
it will come back in exactly the same manner."

- Ayya Khema

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  1. The words you printed are very true, Eva ... I spent 9 long years in a monastery, and left because of love for a man ... "Go away then, if can" my mother superior said to me as I was leaving ... I still think of them almost every day ...sometimes it's like I never left ... anyway .. ya ... Love , cat.


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